Every property – every garden – is a unique fragment of the whole of our Mother Earth. Your desire to find the right people to help you create the most beautiful, healthy, and vibrant personal space environmentally has led you to find Us. Our desire to create a more beautiful and healthier community has led Us to You.


The way Green Goddess Gardens works is a little different than most landscape companies. We create a healthy biome in your outdoor space which enables you and your family to live a healthier life.  Soon others will adopt these techniques, and soon our communities will become healthier, and then soon our world will be healthy and regenerative again too.



Each client and garden has its needs and each space carries its own energy. Gathering information from the client and seeing the garden health enables us to turn the needs, desires and ideas into a design with structure.


We design gardens that are low water use, low maintenance, eatable, fragrant, aromatic and vibrant! A conceptual or drawn plan allows us to agree on the design and an estimate is then given. Strategy, Sub-Contractor coordination, Budget and Timeline are included.



Site Preparation & Drainage

Removal of any unwanted plant material, area clean up, grading, water catchment swales, Hugelkultur bioswales are our main drainage method, but if there is a percolation issue then a regular drainage system can be installed. Keeping the water on the property is our main objective, but if this is not possible then the water is directed into a drainage system.



Paths, patios, decks, pavers, concrete work, fencing, pergolas, raised beds, driveways, stone work, fountains, ponds, gravels and boulders



Back flow devises, shut off valves, automatic systems, manual systems, drip systems, spray systems, controller installation and programming



From plugs to 48” box and bare root plant materials – we can plant it all in beautiful combinations of Natives, Australians, and other Mediterranean’s. Gopher protection is either through trapping or adding gopher baskets or wire.


Soil support

Incorporating soil microbe rich compost and compost teas to every plant either existing or newly planted, protecting this life with a layer of wood chips or wood mulch will also feed our boosted population for months! Mulch will also shield the soil from drying out and decrease any erosion issues.



From solar powered to integrated lighting systems, we can design and install to your needs. We encourage “dark night” type scheduling and safety lighting in all our landscapes. All lamps are contractor grade LED, string lights can be incandescent or LED.


Our employees are seasoned and skilled gardeners who have an eye for detail.


We allow plants to grow to their full potential supporting their health with compost and compost tea applications.


Perennial trimming is done after flowering & pruning is done to encourage flower and fruit production.


Lawns are cut using the “grass cycle” method (leaving cuttings on the lawn) to keep the organic matter where it can continue to feed the soil microbes.

Natural leaf litter is allowed to stay until it becomes too thick or if the material is carrying disease.


We “fertilize”, rather, feed the soil with compost tea. If a heavy feeding plant needs more, then only organic fertilizers are added.


Most plants are pest free, but if there is a pest problem then the soil, plant and location are taken into consideration. We generally use a horticultural spray then follow up with a compost tea application(s).

Weeds are manually pulled, larger areas require weed eaters.


We hedge shrubs where desired and we use manual tools or electric powered machines.


We water pots and plants that need a bit extra when the seasons demands it.


We keep gutters and drains cleared and will clean BBQ’s, solar panels and windows by request.


Veggie gardens are planted with a high compost ratio, and flowers and food are harvested and given to the client if desired. We believe in soil building cover crops and pollinator flowers in our veggie gardens and orchards.


Gopher trapping service is also offered.


We can schedule a weekly, bi-weekly or seasonal service. We offer detailed invoices of work preformed with copies of any materials receipts used at the end of each month.