“You can spend your whole life searching for the Garden of Eden or you can create it in your own backyard” – Khang Kijarro Nguyen


That quote sums up what we do – Creating sanctuary in your private space. Our concentration is on soil health.


By utilizing practices of the Soil Food Web and Permiculture design, a holistic, regenerative garden can be achieved even if it has been under the siege of chemical gardening for years.


Our expertise in low water use plant combinations and irrigation enables you to have a vibrant and lasting garden that will feed your biome.



Jessica Thompson is the Owner of Green Goddess Gardens, Inc.


She graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1988 with a degree in Horticulture, received her Landscape contractors license in 1989, earned a certificate in Permiculture design in 2000, earned a certificate of the Microbiology and Composting courses from the Soil Food Web, and has won Best of Ojai Valley Landscape Co in 2014, 2017, 2019 and 2020.


She founded Green Goddess Gardens Inc. in 1993 and continues to enhance the Ojai valley and surrounding cities with her devotion to a healthier world.

“I Love Ojai. I love the feeling I get the moment I enter the valley. Even after 30 years, that feeling of Love hasn’t changed. I try to evoke that same feeling in our landscapes. For me, gardening is a spiritual experience – making contact with the soil, recharging a calmer energy into your being, seeing the wildlife come back into your garden, smelling the scents of flowers & aromatic shrubs, hearing the movement of water, and you, connecting with yourself, once again. That is what we create – relationships – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. All we need is you.”    —  Jessica


It took a few years to find the right people who agreed to devote themselves to our cause. This crew is one of the happiest groups I have enjoyed working with, and you will too. We are always learning and keeping up to date on the newest innovations offered to the Landscape industry.


The team is proud of their work and they have a feeling of ownership with the properties they serve.


Having the right people in your private property is key to keeping your space safe and secure. They are seasoned hard workers with a great work ethic and are efficient in their skill.


Laughter and happiness surround us every day. Together, we make up a terrific team.


Our mission is to produce gardens that are healthy for the environment and bring joy to our clients. By listening to your needs and understanding your vision for your garden, combining our expertise with your ideas, we can help create the garden of your dreams.


Extending beyond soil and plants, our work includes designing and installing paths, stonework, water features, shade structures, irrigation and drainage, low water lawns and lawn substitutes, lighting and woodwork.


When you invite Green Goddess Gardens into your life, you become an active participant in healing our precious planted Earth, and will find yourself marveling at your new outdoor world, which will improve over time under the watchful eye of our seasoned and talented crew.